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Shipping Policy


Shipping is a process that runs behind the curtain and keep buyers a bit anxious until it is delivered successfully. To cut the stress, we are on the way to integrate order/shipping tracking software in collaboration with our different shipping partners. At present, we are managing all manual staff, ready to respond to you quickly and politely.


Our order-to-delivery process consists of the following main steps:

01.     After successful checkout and payment, we pass your order to the warehouse team, where they confirm the existence of inventory to meet your requirements

02.     They also confirm the status of products in order to meet your quality requirements.

03.     The team prepares required documents for shipping partners and shipping insurance partners with their intimation on the details.

04.     The warehouse team begins packing orders after confirmation of shipping & insurance partners.

05.     The team labels your address for delivery and handover the same to the chain of our shipping/delivery partners.

06.     Usually, delivery of an order takes place within a working week but may extend based on the location of recipients.


Despite our complete care and precautions at every stage of packing to shipment, we face returns of products problems due to the following reasons and conditions:

•       Damages of products during delivery.

•       Partial or fragmented delivery of an order.

•       Manufacturing defects.

•       Wrong products.

•       In the case of RTO (Return to Origin), our shipping partners can return products without accomplishing delivery.


•      In the case of damaged products during shipment, we have provision for sharing those liabilities with our shipping partners and the role of shipping insurance begins here to manage it.

•      The partial delivery of an order solely our responsibility and we bear it by either completing the order or getting return of partially delivered product(s).

•      In the case of a manufacturing defect, we used to share the same with our sales partner as their sole responsibility.

•      Delivery of the wrong product is a rare possibility, but we bear it and disburse full return on it.

•      RTO is possible due to the wrong address or the absence of a valid recipient.


We expect our customers to share some responsibility during the shipment process. For instance,

•      A customer has to use our order tracking system to know the expected date of delivery and remain present at the given delivery address.

•      Before signing on the delivery documents, shipped with the order, a customer has to check the status of products for shipment damages.

•      If you notice any damage, take a photo of it by using your mobile camera and send us immediately, as well as take the signature of the deliveryman or driver indicating losses during delivery only.

•      We never allow customers to open up all packings, but a sample out of the damaged consignments only. If you tear off all packing, we will never accept your return and/or refund requests.

•      Alternately, you can take a video of unboxing the article(s).

•      Customers are liable to return and/or refund only if they come up with tags and (toured) company packages.

•      Our shipment insurance agent will manage the rest of the process once you intimate us and we pass your concerns to the insurance company. In such cases, valid evidence is utmost necessary.

•      Sometimes we find that customer uses and damage the products and try to misguide us. In such cases, we never approve any return and/or refund.

•      As a procedure, we credit the balance within seven working days once we receive the product(s) in our warehouse.

•      Suppose the same product or the same size of your desired product is not available, we give freedom to select another product instead.

•      The most important thing you must keep in mind is that, we refund the amount only asGiftedToAll India Ltd. Cashback Vouchers, not in real money as a refund.


If any customer seeks return of the order, we have a procedure for it. The customer has to intimate us immediately and fill up our online/mobile appforms for return. Alternatively, you can call our customer care centre to get detailed guidance on it.

We accept your returns only within a week and one more week for its refund unless it is not manufacturing defects or an odd issue for shipping and/or insurance partners.


•      Without following our procedure, we may not be able to accept your return and thus cannot give you a satisfactory refund or cannot bear the return charges at our end.

•      If we find any alteration in product(s) and/or packing(s) and/or its details, we deny the return.

•      For damaged or missing product(s), we expect to report within a stipulatedtime i.e.3 (three) days. After that, we may deny your return or refund.